Bitnovo Voucher €100


Buy bitcoin or 20 more different cryptocurrencies with €100 secure prepaid credit. You will receive the voucher code directly by email. It can be redeemed immediately for the cryptocurrency of your choice.

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How to redeem your Bitnovo voucher

There are two ways, to redeem your Bitnovo voucher: online or in the app.

Bitnovo Website

To redeem your Bitnovo voucher online, simply visit the Bitnovo redeem page.

  • First: choose the cryptocurrency you want to redeem your prepaid credit for.
  • Second: Enter your crypto wallet address.
  • Third: Enter the voucher code you received from us and, if applicable, the pin code as well (but that is not necessary for most countries).

2. Bitnovo App

Another easy way to redeem your Bitnovo voucher is to download the Bitnovo app (available in the Google Play Store and in the App Store and enter your code there. To do that, simply choose ‘Redeem Voucher in the menu and follow the redeem instructions in the app.


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